June 6, 2008
By danielle gamman, Seattle, WA

Its funny how evil one can look, inside out
Different names for the same thing.
In the fall, a friend of mine took the time
to write about the sins of the past.
I am not in that place yet, but I will be someday.
And when that day comes, people will be hurt.
Further explanation of hours and days will be,
and tears will flow.
My friend patted me on the back
and told me it was silly to say something so melodramatic.
They say you're young and beautiful,
and the world will move mountains for you.
You make people happy.
Your smile is radiant,
and your eyes stand out among the waves of darkness.
It's a mad world, and the way out
is marked with pen on paper, thin dreams.
I still wanted out, so went, and tumbled through other’s aspirations
I braced myself, bent with bitterness.
There's chance that it will keep me up for weeks,
but that's what I did to myself.
When all apologies fail to ring true,
so slick with sarcastic phrases like "I thought you knew"
keeping me in hot pursuit of a warmer place to call home.

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