So soon ended

June 6, 2008
By Ben Rogojan, Lake Forest Park, WA

Just as begun
To soon is done
The day has passed
Some scream “At long last"
While others cry
And still others sigh
For that which just started?
Has now departed
What we once considered prison
Now has released us newly arisen
We realize now the days were short
Now wished this was a last resort
We look for the old ways
Sadly to discover we are in new days
Where guardian angles no longer exist
No one to guard and preset
That we not give up but instead pursue
All our hopes our dreams that we once knew
Now our eyes no longer pure
Our body’s forced to endure
The struggle that was brought to fast
How in the world am I supposed to last?
To soon have I been allowed to roam free?
I wished it this not, let it not be
TO soon forgotten are those days
That keeps me in memory, like sun rays
Shining on my new life to soon
My heart was forced to play a different tune
One which runs to fast, and hard
It’s not possible, but I let down my guard
Now to be hit defenseless, and weak
My body broken, and meek
I yearn for what ended
No chance to say good bye
My soul was apprehended
To soon, with out a chance to grow
Now they have let me go
My mind now opens to the real world
What I once thought swirled
In a vast abbess that was once my mind
Now is no longer gentle or kind
To soon has my mind been tarnished?
With the trash this world garnished
To soon have I realized my minds mistake?
Or I fear, I may be to late

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