We Hungry

June 9, 2008
I want some f double o d food
Come equipped with a fork and a knife, ganna grub, maybe twice
On my way to BK, doing 90 on the freeway.
About to get a stacker, better not talk back or ill smack ya
Going to put on a couple punds, still aint afraid to pop off a couple rounds
crusin around in the 98 runner, acting like its already the summa
Needles on E and i gotta take a pee
Stopin at shel, right across from that Taco Bell
58 bucks to fill up the tank, better hope i got some money i the bankl, people in the streets asking me about the dank.
Now heading to Subway, cause its my way, the right way
All yall people dont know whats up, till you take a sip of this pepsi cup
Get me a footlong and make it quick, I got some beezeys that i need to pick
Give me lettuce, tomatoes, and extra onions, and oooooo yea ill have those funonions.

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