She's been gone

January 28, 2011
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She been gone for sometime now

She told me that she'd be back an not too wait up but I can't help it

I would stay up from dusk to dawn waiting to see her face so I know she is safe

Cause I felt that I was the only man that could keep you safe

I was her protector an I was ready too lay down my life to make sure she is safe

She hasn't come yet

I can't stand it when she goes across the street an turn the corner cause then I can't watch her steps pass that corner

So how do I know if she is safe?

I lost my voice calling for her every hour on the hour

Crying out come back home cause when your not this isn't a place where I want to be!

You take my soul away every time I don't see you I act like a dog seeing you coming threw the front door

Why haven't you come back yet?

Don't you know that I can't survive without you?

Don't you know that without my personal angel I am just skinny an bones

Oxygen to fire it grows

cold weather to water to make it freeze

An the sun being its enemy it melts the solid ice over time turning the ice back into water

But this ice road of looking, calling an trying to wait for you isn't health for me

Cause you've been gone longer then I can remember!

I've been empty with no heart for sometime

An its amazing that I haven't drop died cause after all you need a heart to live

But when will she come back an give me back the heart that I gave you?

Instead of staying up tonight you get some sleep an hopefully she'll be home in the morning

An not missing anymore.

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