Broken Wings and Happy Endings

January 28, 2011
The feeling seeps in through pores
As if it were paint soaking into wood
It is easily triggered
An evil to get rid of

One must think constantly of depressing things whilst in it's presence
A hurricane will destroy people and homes
Yet even it will not destroy this feeling
A shark holding its prey
This feeling will not go away

Happy endings i wish i could write
Daisies in fields do not exist for me to skip through
This ocean current has pulled me under
The wings i once had have been stripped from me
They were broken by this awful temptation

The love I had was shattered like glass
Into a million shards that will only cause pain

All this was accomplished by one foul play
BY one horrid venom
This venom seeps into one's heart
This venom will not stop until every one's heart is black

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