My Foot Stepping in Front of the Other

January 22, 2011
By Anonymous

My foot stepping in front of the other
The winds whispering to one another
The bare trees reaching to the distant lights
How long have I drifted through endless nights!
Tripping, falling, spinning, running, turning
My fears and tears are mixing and churning
Should I keep going or should I just stay
And like the leaves, let my body decay?
Is the end of this forest, this maze near?
I wish this nightmare would just disappear
Memories of happiness have faded
My hope is wilting; my strength is jaded
Laughing crows haunt and echo everywhere
As I stupidly keep going nowhere
My stomach twists; my mind starts to scream
My feet start to run, run away from this dream
The distant lights fade; the darkness thickens
The winds hush their whispers; my pulse quickens
Pulled out from under, the grassy carpet
Into the black nothingness, I plummet
I kept falling, there was end to this
No escape out of the deep, dark abyss
But black became white, then lo and behold
There stood a tall and proud gate of gold
It opens, and a soft voice calls my name
Ahead, she waves to me; I do the same
Smiling, I walk to my beloved mother
My foot stepping in front of the other

The author's comments:
How Shakespeare managed to write plays in iambic pentameter I will never know

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