January 22, 2011
you say I can Write
I disagree
Do i look like a writer?
come on now look at me,

Society says i cant be poetic,
I'm built like a jock
Brain capacity pathetic
but my minds racing,never stops

I say I'm a poet
they all just laugh
which why the military
is my chosen path

stereo types classify me
i can't write
doesn't anyone

I'm no good
is all i ever hear
any compliment
Burns my ears

My words come out
In a poetic pattern
I change 'em up
So that you can't hear 'em

Sitting' around
poems come out
They leave my mouth
and in my mind they are bound

But I can't write
Says my friends,
Some of my teachers,
And the whole cool crowd

I'm pressured into being
Someone I'm not
believe it or not

I believe,
You believe,
It doesn't really matter
I'll keep on writing,
Until my hands are shattered

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