Horrible Cold

December 28, 2007
By Katie Smith, Jefferson, MA

I have a cold it’s not at all fun,
I’m sneezing and coughing on everyone.
My nose is runny, my throat is sore,
Where are those cough drops? I need more.
I’m grumpy and grouchy, how could I not be?
My horrible cold is bugging me.
I can’t wait for it to go away,
And wherever it goes, there it can stay.
I’ll be sick for the holidays, spend Christmas in bed,
Or I’ll fight the cold and get better instead.
I don’t want to be sick, I’ll tell you that’s true,
There’s Three days till Christmas no wait there’s only two.
I’ve got to get better, better real quick,
I’ve got to fight that cold, until I’m no longer sick.

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