I Read of a Man...

December 28, 2007
I read of a man, who lived in a world that lacked happiness and motivation,

And until his death did the man feel a living sensation.

The man was neither happy nor sad, smart nor wise,

In fact there was nothing in the man’s life that one would despise.

He strolled through life on a broken compass without guidance or direction,

And never found a soul mate or ever made a connection.

He watched nature and observed the world day by day,

Yet never made an impact or altered it in any way.

Ignorant of his heart’s desires,

He sat back and watched the world around him transpire.

His life was never too sweet nor ever too sour,

Yet his greatest adventure came in the final moments of his final hour.

In dying, he dreamed of a pelican flying solo,

And to one day explore the unknown globe like the great Marco Polo.

He would trek across the universe taking each and every mile,

And now leaving the world, the final expression on his lifeless face was his first smile.

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