Mom is a Role

December 27, 2007
By Erika Forney, Melcher, IA

Mom is a role you take from the beginning
When that special child is a baby
Then she takes her first steps on the ground
And you’re just so proud

That smile on her face
Has you singing “Amazing Grace”
Then she goes off to school
And your not there to kiss her when she’s got a boo boo

When she’s out too late
You don’t understand how fast time escaped
Then you teach her how to drive
And you feel like breaking down inside

You help her for her first date
In your head you know that he’s got to be great
Then comes the time a young girl moves on
And you think back to when she began to crawl

A man comes into your baby’s life
And then she walks down the ale by his side
Then next you know she says, “It’s a girl”
And you feel like the greatest mom in the world

You think back to that day
When you were afraid
About being the best mom
And you see her hold that baby in her arms

The only one who could tell you was your girl
Mom, you were there to catch me when I fell
To kiss my scratch on my arm

You’ve been there through it all
Ill never fall
I hope one day my girl would tell me how its true to be a
Mom like you

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