Voting Through the Life.

December 17, 2007
By Ryan Le, Hartland, WI

When I was young and only a few years,
A thing called voting was what we did
When we wanted something.
What should we do in class?
And for many years,
I, like others, did think this;
Ignorant and full of bliss.
This will certify that the above work is completely original.-Ryan Le
Then as the years grew in size,
Voting was clearer.
I voted for what I thought.
Actually, it was what the best was for everyone.
Because if you voted different,
People would hate you.
And it was daily life, you couldn’t get though.

Then in the middle years of life,
Voting was for electing people,
Who was the most popular?
And who had the most egos.
Then as the years continued on,
I found out what voting really was
The people running had a cause.

Voting was for what was right,
To you or them, it did not matter,
Don’t be a metal,
That is attracted to the magnet.

And next year when I’m 18
I’ll vote for whom I think is best,
And not for the one, like the rest

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