Ten Billion Bright Stars

December 17, 2007
By Krista DeBehnke, Hartland, WI

They are the only ones who know. They are the only ones who see. Ten billion bright stars with open spirits to smile upon the bodies that stand beneath them. Ten billion to watch the hearts grow and break. Ten billion lies and explanations. From up above they watch, but the people just keep breathing.

Their knowledge is infinite. They put gleam in our eyes. They put spark in our hearts and the hearts of our lovers and ignite the love inside of us and the flame gets high, but it dies down soon. It is what the people do.

One confused person will be loved, he will hold your hand like it used to be and gaze upon you with misty eyes. Don’t, Don’t, Don’t they say. They warn.

When hope is too deep, when it is to the point of break, then I know they knew right. When trust is not here much longer. Ten billion cry upon your shoulder. Ten billion preach their words. Ten billion whose purpose is to protect.

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