Does Rojhonai LOVE YOU?

December 16, 2007
Does Rojhonai LOVE YOU?
One day that just may come true,
If she loved you would you love her to?
When the chemistry came,
Would you act the same?
Toward Rojhonai BEFORE that day,
You said you loved her,
There was no chick above her,
But you’re mother,
If you love her just be for real
She loved you. And told how she feel’s,
So show her how you feel inside,
It shouldn’t hurt or lack you’re pride,
Stick with the plan and be your self,
Don’t change you’re mind,
Just quite yet,
She told you she loved you,
Why haven’t you told her it back yet?
Or do you just think they are words,
They just might be,
But those words mean something to me,
But to her if you heard,
Her say those three words,
They aren’t lying-
After all the one’s,
I have ever loved,
You are the only one,
Who made me feel like crying?
Never would it be dying,
It isn't that serious,
Come on Boo, Don’t try and be delirious,
Just to prove you’re love is true,
Just say the words: I love you too,
Thinking back on, how you made me feel,
You could never prove that you’re love was real!
Now just sitting here thinking about how you act,
I just realized baby YOU COULD NEVER HAVE ME BACK!
Unless you your self, Prove to me you will,
Improve in how you have made me feel,
And prove to me that when,
We are together again,
You will say to me….
And that to be true,
I will tell to you to you’re face….
How you truly made me feel,
But In the end I will not do it again,
But tell you this to be the truth

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