Treasure Chest

December 15, 2007
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Living in a world full of emotions
The often searched is scattered among the treasured trove.
For some moods cast callousness, others shed elatedness
But this grandest of all is love.

When the sky of life grows cloudy
And the thunderheads hurl piercing rain through the air ,
You guard me from lightening and rumbling claps
With a shield of protection and care.

As with the flower of a garden
To me you nurture and from destruction you enshroud.
Instead of sunlight, you bestow wisdom upon me
And grow a form of which you are proud.

And like the radiance of the moon of night
You watch as I travel the path of age
Hoping to keep me from venturing off the
Cheering the victories of which I engage

Without your encouragement and guardianship I would be lost,
Without your presence I would not excel to my best,
It’s time for me to thank you
For choosing the grandest emotion out of life’s treasure chest.

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