A Winter's Wind

December 14, 2007
By Michael Cole, Caledonia, MI

A cold day I'm sitting there gazing into glistening snow, as the wind swiftly crystallizes my eyes as it flees with gentleness.
The frost numbs me with its hands suffocating my face, as my feelings drift in the air wandering around with no care of thoughts.
This is the time when I wonder what will happen next?, am I happy, am I scared?
Worried, glad, emotional?, I call it thoughtful and curious.
As I am laying there, my heart beats slower in curiosity, I am trapped in emotions for now I can not breathe.
I am being drowned in worried thoughts for what will happen next, I am now scared in darkness with no where to go.
I am now thinking , am I dreaming, as I am in the skies above looking down on earth for now I am dead.
I am now emotionless, a dead soul perhaps, for now I know what will happen next.

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