I am an American.

December 14, 2007
By Holly Seubert Seubert, Sussex, WI

I am an American.
I am an Iraqi.
I love America.
I love Iraq.
I support America’s future.
I support the new future of Iraq.
I love America.
I love Iraq.

As I look out the glass car window,
I see the clear blue sky, brown grass, and leafless trees.
Buttoning up my coat,
I step out into the chilling wind.
I move down the crumbling sidewalk.
In the distance, the popping of guns.
The air around me, smoky and humid,
My shirt sticks to my body.

I am nervous voting for the first time.
I have become acquainted with the parties’ issues,
But I still want to know more.
Nobody says a word.
It is my country’s first time voting.
This new freedom, delicious as fresh baked Um Ali.
I have waited all my life to voice my opinion,
But I am threatened.

When I reach the official looking table,
I give and sign my name.
I cast my vote in privacy,
And leave with my voting pin.
I wait in the crowd of people
To cast my one vote.
A surge of accomplishment
With my blue thumb held high.

As I drive away in my car
I realize the importance of my vote.
New to the voting process,
My vote matters to me.
I retrace my previous tracks,
Back to a more familiar place.
Voting may cause disruption,
But I want my children to be free.

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