An Ode to Death

January 17, 2011
By Graygon GOLD, Reno, Nevada
Graygon GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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A man's true character can be measured by what he would do when he believes he would never be found out.

Death sets heavy below the cold moonlight.
Clouds above a blanket on the blackness.
The pounding hail like bullets in the night.
As my lingering breath escapes from sight.

She lay before me, suff'ring Death's cold kiss,
The smell of decay seizes my senses.
Never have I felt such pathos as this,
As her wound lets loose soul and oozing bliss.

No mortal can truly know what Death is,
Though I do believe I maintain a clue,
A part of me along with her is His,
Our soul becomes completely defenseless.

To all her untimely Death is now true,
Another life escapes this Satanic dream.
It is not I to whom the pain was due,
But my cause from which her sedateness drew.

One wound draining life so justly redeemed,
Lo and alas! how I have loved her so,
Now lying low in the loveless rain, s'rene,
Her body, her mind, and her soul now clean.

Though Death may be the end of lively show,
There need not be sorrow or anger here.
For of all the things that I've come to know,
Death is the sweetest of life's constant flow.

Sin and evil ailments disappear,
Gone are your sorrows, anger, fear,
Lasting life in Death is clear,
I fade from night with those I hold so dear.

The author's comments:
Death is a topic which can breed an infinite amount of emotion for poetry. I'm a sucker for the stuff, but I like to view it as a more mysterious and even helpful thing instead of evil or something worthy of grieving.

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