The Funny Puny Day

December 13, 2007
I got up one morning
And I couldn’t decide what to eat
I decided a boiled egg would be
Really hard to beat

I pedaled my old bike to work
And I was promptly fired
My bike couldn’t stand on its own
Because it was two-tired

On my way home I saw
A dog and the police flittering
The dog had given birth
And was ticketed for littering

On my bike I rode to the dentist
Up a very steep hill
I’ve been to the dentist several times
So I know the drill

After the rotten day I’ve had
Some advice that I might lend
Getting too big for your britches
Will expose you in the end

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theinvisiblebluepanda said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 3:09 pm
lol thats cute
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