January 15, 2011
By Anonymous

You have dark brown hair
and chocolate colored eyes,
that i would hate to see cry

I sit from the stands
watching him not stand up for you
grinning evilly at you

You want him to say i love you
and put his arm around you,
and kiss you gently

But he walks all over you
and takes advantage of you,
cheating on you and laughing at you

You're the girl i dream to be,
your beautiful in a plain white Tee
Don't let him bring you down
because you'll rock this town

So put a smile on please,
my good, dear friend Casey,
and walk around confident letting him see, that your fine without him
in your dreams...

The author's comments:
This goes out to a dear friend of mine, boys can be boys, but don't let them ruin you, because you can only be you!

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