My Goodbye

December 13, 2007
By Elyssa Abuhoff, Plainview, NY

Dry your tears.
The time must come;
It must end;
But we’ll have to get together again.
It had come like the wind;
It had gone,
A low tide.

The things I have learned,
The strength I have gained,
Will not be taken away.
Like a dried rose
Pressed into the pages of a book,
Or a name written in stone;
I would hope that you would be in my heart;
Your memory embedded ever more.

Forever in my heart and mind,
I will reminisce
Till the end of time;
And so shall be it
If our paths don’t cross again;
Our eyes will graze for each other
No less.

Exoneration is what I will give you.
I will free you from your burdens.
No penitence.
Look forward, press on.
Continue on your path.
Try not to look too longingly back.
Try not to think of what else could have been done.
This is not the end,
Just a new beginning.
This is my goodbye.

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