He Says

December 13, 2007
By Christine Donovan, North Andover, MA

And she stood silently on that doorstep,
Feeling the cement crumbling beneath her feet,
She had never felt so heavy.
The weight of his and her worlds can be a lot to carry,
Everyone knows she's about to break except him.

And he seems to think that she is happy,
And he believes that she trusts him through and through,
And he says, "The world is ours to take, forever,"
The fake smile on her face appears so genuine.

Paranoia, it will set in once again,
The mind will examine every word that was ever said,
In search of a hidden meaning that may never have even existed.
The light breeze is blowing her away,
She had never felt so empty,
Because she has become so thin, lately,
Just waiting for the world to notice.

But he seems to think she is perfect,
He still believes that she is perfectly calm,
And he says, "My heart belongs solely to you, my love,"
But she still does not believe him,
And he still does not see it.

She sees her world magnified by ten,
Her logic leaves and the tragedy takes its place,
Fear is killing her and it hurts more because it's an uncertain fear,
She knows he could crush her, even if he does not mean to.
The mere power petrifies her,
"What have I done? What kind of hole have I dug?" she screams to the rain,
As if it could solve all of her problems.

And he says, and he says,
He imagines a smile on her pained face,
And he keeps talking, so as to ignore her evident silence.
And he looks into her eyes to only see the surface,
Not what was hidden behind of them,
Or maybe he tricked himself into believing that only the superficial exists?

Now her sanity is violently drifting away,
Intricate dances that she cannot keep time with make her head spin,
And she wonders what would happen if he went left, and she right,
Would the world rotate more smoothly that way?

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