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December 21, 2010
By bubajoe michillbilly BRONZE, Behind Marios, Minnesota
bubajoe michillbilly BRONZE, Behind Marios, Minnesota
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About Grandma
I keep remembering the odd things my Grandma used to do. Like how she picked every little weed from her garden and never had the T.V. volume turned up to an odd number. Or like how she always mints in her purse. Most of all I remember the way she loved Christmas and getting together with the whole family.

My grandma was a great person and a great grandmother. We spent a lot of quality time together when I was younger. I went to my Grandma’s every day to wait for my parents to get done with work.

I remember how she would put my favorite TV showBarney on T.V. and make pudding you could say I was a grandmas boy. Her and my grandpa would dance in the living room to some kind of music I didn’t know what. She didn’t just help me she helped my whole family with food and also just being there. I don’t think anybody ever left her house hungry I sure didn’t. I had a awesome relationship with her. My grandma was really my great grandma because everybody calls my dads mom mimi and her mom is grandma. When my grandma was around 90 years old she started getting sick more often but would get over it soon after it started. But when she got really sick she had to go to the hospital when this happened I was 13 so I could help her out with things. She started living with my mimi. Even when she was sick she cooked for all of us and made sure we were all cofertable before she worried about herself. About two months before she passed away she gave me a coin that was made for when man stepped foot on the moon she said it was old and pretty rare I still have it in my room in its case. Whenever I look at it I remember her. When she passed away I was in shock and wasn’t very talkative for a while. Without her family trips aren’t the same. No madder how cheezy this sounds her death really changed my outlook on life and how unpredictable it can be. Even when she was gone she helped everybody out she got my parents the the same room at her funeral. She always brought everybody together that’s just the kind of person she was.

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heart warming

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