I’ve lived a life of happiness and hope,

December 13, 2007
I’ve lived a life of happiness and hope,
where bliss and comfort surrounded.

As time came near
bit by bit fear swept in,
Alone I felt,
deep within.

As I grew,
The taller I stood
Until the weight dragged me down.

Life’s changes awaited,
As I grew to be something bigger than before.
As I hurt those,
I never knew I did.

They came at me,
Before I knew.
So sneaky and unsuspecting.
And though it seemed that I had failed
The challenges knew,
I never did.

When temptation followed me,
Soon it did lead.

When hatred and anger
Knocked at my door,
I opened with a gracious heart.

Through my eyes
Life became worse and worse.
Through my heart, life became less and less.

When I fell so deep in,
I cried for help
knowing You would save me.

My eyes opened to see the beauty,
My heart filled with unmistakable love and knowledge.

Each day I understood,
Each day there was something good,
For you had not forsaken me.

My despised and hungered feelings,
Are not those anymore.

My loved ones and life
Are closer than before.

My fears and doubts
Are my determinations.

My anger and hatred
Are trying to stay,
For they always will.
But I will conquer,
And I will love.

More, more, and more.

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