December 12, 2007
I swear I'm not crying over your misfortune tonight,

But as the beads roll down my face I cant be so sure.

Perspiring from love making long past my existence,

All along, the pictures have been gone,

The memories,

Ashes washed away,

With the same sense of failure,

The same lust for mistakes.

Countless hours spent sweating from my eyes,

Saying the situation was merely misunderstood...

Love songs wove the threads of me into lifeless strings,

The wool of an obsession broken.

Once convinced it shouldn't be given a chance to get away,

The days grow anew without its presence,

And the sun is forever alive in my life again.

Seasons of living change forever more,

It seemed the winter,

So full of your life, and so void of mine,

Has founds it release, complete failure evades my memory.

Winter was your season, so full of quiet, sinking feelings of despair,

Those colors are what you live for.

My life is woven of a rainbow,

There is no black nor white inside,

Our shades collided, meshed, and viciously tore apart.

Where is the sadness?

Gone with the winter, gone with the black, the grey, the white, the void.

Gone with the minus that you loved basing your life around.

My smile was too colorful for winter to handle

So wide, and inviting,

It finally washed away the monotones,

The grey, the black, the white...

The void.

Your colors.

Your life.

No effect, no desire.

No looking back.

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