Let the World Sing

December 12, 2007
Have you ever noticed the little things in life?
Have you ever tried to catch those little fireflies?

Or have you ever wondered where the sky and water meet?
Do you take for granted the sand beneath your feet?

And when God hangs his paintings for the entire world to see,
Do you watch the colors, or do you watch TV?

Does the smell of springtime ever make you smile?
Do you ever sit and watch the butterflies fly by?

And do you ever laugh when you hear a silly joke?
Have you ever wondered why the frogs always croak?

Are you the kind of person who sings your sad song, or
Do you simply sit there and act like nothing’s wrong?

Have you ever picked a flower and kept it for days?
Have you ever read a book and drifted away?

Is the sound of raindrops pounding on the roof a
Soft and soothing melody, or is simply mute?

Do you ever watch as the clouds speed past, or
Are you just too busy to take a little nap?

If you’ve never thought about these small but great things, open up your eyes
And let the world sing.

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