Tales of Mary Poppins

January 14, 2011
By adam kalocsa BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
adam kalocsa BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Once upon a time when Mary Popins wasn’t a nanny she used to sell candy for the little kids. She wasn’t an ordinary candy seller, she sold special candy for the kids that needed them. One day she got a call from one of her customer.-

Billy bong- (on a cellphone)hey, mrs popins when are you available? I’d like to purchase some of that pixie dust.

Poppins-(her eyes are half closed and red,picks up the phone)-billy my boy! Of course bro ill hook you up with anything you need, you know me! Ill have it ready around 8pm if you wanna scoop it up?

Billy-‘aight fo’ sho’!!!!

(2 hours later at the scene)
Santa(from a distance whispering to himself)- They don't know that Santa can see everything! They should because I see everybody everywhere!

Popins-(suspiciously)what up Billy, got my money?

Billy-(loudly whispering) fudge yeah I do if you got my dusties.

Popins(pulling out a small bag of pixie dust)- okay billy, here is your blueberry flavored pixie dust, have fun but don't OD on that.

Billy(reaching for the bag and handing the money to Popins)-You know I don't get that messed up.

Santa(jumping between Billy and Popins and grabs Popins by the arm)- You are not running away this time.

Santa(little bit twitching, but still talking loudly)-finally I got you Popins! You’ve been stealing my candy and all the kids are getting their presents before I can give it to them!

Popins-(scared) listen Santa, I know you think that Im taking your customers but its not what it looks like.(she pulls out a bag of reeses and shows it to Santa) you see this? These are magic reeses, try one.

Santa(takes the bag and opens one slowly)- all right Popins, I believe you, but stay away from kinder gardeners when you are selling these goods.

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