Dear Father, / Love, Daughter

December 10, 2007
By Marty Boughton, Boise, ID

Dear Father,

The days keep slipping by
The world still moving on
Life won’t seem to halt
Even though you’re gone.

Just a single moment back
You were sitting by my side
But then that day came
When you had to say goodbye.

Early Sunday morning
Was the time you were to leave
You took a last deep breath
And departed peacefully.

…One year later…

Perched on the stone cold counter
It rushes back to me
Hot tears flood my cheeks
As I hate what had to be.

Your end abruptly harsh
And I really want you back
I reach out my cold hands
And grope blindly for the past.

The battle you fought bravely
The dreadful long, hard race
Even though your body won
You lost with stunning grace.

Every day I think of you
You’re always on my mind
And somehow I just know
Really, there are no goodbyes.

I know it in my heart
Sometime we’ll meet again
I really truly love you
Forever, my bestest friend.


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