My New Life

December 10, 2007
You don’t even see me.
You don’t even care
You have your new best friend.
So I’m no longer there.

I see you laugh and smile
Like nothing did go wrong.
I cried for quite a while
But you quickly moved on.

You had such a nerve
When you were with your friends.
Saying things you’d never say
Before our bitter end

I grew tired of your dirty looks
The way you talked to me.
But I took all the blame
So you’d hang out with me.

You pretended that you cared
And lead me on to think
That we were still best friends
That things were rinky-dink

What hurt me, though, the most
Was that all I did was care
But you were so ungrateful
And that just isn’t fair

So now I have my new friends
I have my better life
People who really care
Who won’t cause me your strife

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