Flying High and Above

December 10, 2007
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

Soaring up in the air
So free and independent
The air brushing through my feathers
The lively sentiment of flying

High and above
Where the skies are blue
With clouds so white and pure
Free, nothing holding me back, I can soar

Flying high and above,
I look down to earth,
Where the humans live
Where the mad humans dwell upon

Back down on earth,
There is a war going on
Between man verse himself
It’s pretty pathetic and pitiable

While I can soar free and independent
Those humans are fighting
While I can have feelings of joy and glee
They are filled with fear and anger

I kind of feel bad for them,
Watching how dismal they are from up here
If only they could be like me
Flying high and above, and free.

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