Slippery Fate

December 9, 2007
By Nathan Johns, Stafford, VA

Walk with caution down this path
Each decision may be your last
You might think you have it all
But the future is slick, don’t slip and fall
Never put your trust in the unknown
No mercy has fate ever shown
“Watch every step and your choices”
Scream a thousand forgotten voices
This winding road is forever lost
If you are careless you will pay the cost
Go ahead, give death the finger
But don’t cower when you face the reaper
For this fate is what you’ve sewn
Every choice is of your own
And if this seems an unfair deal
Talk to God while you kneel
At your bedside, fingers locked
Undoubtedly, you will be shocked
For the answer will not be sent to mortal man
“It’s all part of a bigger plan”
Says the clueless pastor to the choir
But he as well secretly desires
The answers that we all want to hear
The one that will wash away our fears
No one will know until their death
The trade of knowledge for our final breath

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