December 9, 2007
Like the sharpest knife
Digs through my soul.
Words unspoken
Create everlasting scars in the walls of my heart.
Wishing to go back in time and fix what has been broken
Shattered glass upon the icy surface of reality
Like the deepest cut
Pierces my reality
Fine particles of sand signify each second
Of passing guilt and terror
A reality so agonizing
Dignity spilled on the floor
Trying to recollect what’s left of it.
My heart is racing.
Wanting it all to stop
I shut my eyes
Wishing with every wish
Take me back in time
Fix the break
Make me see
What is happening to me?

Empty echoing walls fill my life
Before your presences I was so empty inside
You took me to new heights, taught me new things
In you I saw everything I wanted to see
But nothing you can truly be
Yearning for passion, wanting something real
I gave myself away, wanting to feel.
My story with you
Is empty
Built on lies,
Constructed by lust

Feeling false feelings,
Feeling alive
For the first time.
At the beginning of the story
All I wanted was a dream
At the end of the story
I don’t want to wake up
Regretting days I don’t want to forget
Feeling left over emotions,
I would like to stop feeling.
At the begging of the story
I was living out true feelings
At the end of the story
I’m holding on to the dream.
Pushing away a nightmare.
Begging beyond sanity
To wake up
Intoxicated with the disease of regret
Please cure me.

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