True Beauty

December 9, 2007
True beauty is not what you think
It’s not in a girl who truly can’t think
It’s not in the physical or immoral or false
It’s not just perfection or the physical that counts
Its frailty, emotion, and heartache that amounts,
That gives great art its true beauty. You see,
It’s what gives us the drive to do and to see,
To be and to know, to breathe and to glow
Like how one anime teaches us to do so,
In the hearts of three children that fight hard in giant robo’s!
And yet this still can teach us our humanity, our sin
Imagine, and anime that can make us win!
But not just anime can teach us these great faults
Imagine a painting that flows with heartache and salts
Or a photograph that shows us that we can’t be false
It is these that gives this author great pride
It’s these feelings that move him; that gives him his stride
Imagine! He too can do great things in his life!
That by just watching a series he’s changed the course of his life!
It’s these emotions that give us the true name
Of humanity, of livelihood, of preaching, and of shame
Of everything that we know to be wonderful and true
Of him and of her, of me and of you
Never forget the power of the soul,
Lest you, too be consumed by the ominous hole
Of sin and of evil and death and of fame
It’s not the popularity that can give us great names
It’s the things that we’ve done to change this great Earth
It’s the places we’ve seen, the heartache, the mirth!
You and I too can change the world
Even if you’re still just a boy and a girl
It’s the people before us that we must not beshame
It’s the children ahead of us that we must teach and entrain
It’s the people we see, the art that we breathe
All of these things are beautiful, you see
So never give up hope in yourself
Do not once think of stepping into a hell
Never once think that you cannot do good
Because you can and you will and you must and you should!
So, in ending, it’s true beauty that colors this world
It’s not the things that corruption tells us, for sure!
Be beautiful!

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