Forgotten in the Dust

December 9, 2007
Why is it so hard to accept help?
You tried at life
You didn’t try hard enough
Like many people have done before
You have seen and followed in the footsteps
Of those people
Who have messed up
And withered away, forgotten in the dust
That is when I found you
And held out my hand to help
You had a choice only you could make
And while it was the hardest choice you would ever have to make
It was simple
You could continue following in the footsteps of all those people
Withered away
Or you could take my hand
And rise out of the darkness into the light
You wanted to be in the light
I could see it in your eyes
The hardest part for you
Was to take my hand
You couldn’t do it, didn’t have the strength
And withered away, forgotten in the dust
Simply because you couldn’t take my hand

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