December 9, 2007
By Ellie DiBiasio, Barrington, RI

Let us go then, you and I
Beneath the evening mapped out in the sky
Press against me as we dance in frames
Tenderly I’ll hold you as we lay
How did I end up here, with you in my arms?
It certainly wasn’t my looks, nor was it my charms
If there’s one thing I know, be it ‘morrow or ‘more
It’s that you make me happier than ever before.

Whether I’ll end up the apologer
I don’t know – I’m not the astrologer

Do you know how much I care,
About the softness of your hair?
About the warmness of your breath?
The subtle swish that goes your dress.
How many times have I told you what you are?
Yet words only account for one lone star
In the universe that represents my love
That limitless expanse whose ends not I even know of.

When I close my eyes there’s but one thing I hear;
That “tink” of your eyelashes dashing through the air.

Yet with all of my joy, there’s a problem you see
I seem to love you beyond my capabilities
I cannot speak for I know my words mean nothing
Cannot think without for you lusting
I‘m loving to the point of utter exhaustion
And not one moment do I mind, for it is at my fortune
If only there were something more I could do
I’m afraid I’ll never be as good as my love for you.

I hold you tight in hopes to say
Those things I cannot in any other way

There is one way that I have discovered
To reveal my feelings for you, sweet lover
Its not close to perfect, I feel I must say
But as I can tell, it’s better than any other way
I want to show you all that is larger than life
The moon, the stars, the trickery of ice
The breadth of the ocean, the shyness of the sun
The way the city lights the sky, even when the day is done
Should I show you these things, might you then understand
What I really mean when I hold your hand?

I must apologize for my inabilities
My heart transcends my capabilities

I shan’t believe you truly see
But wait, my sweet, before you claim equality
I must display for you the best I can do
It’s simple really, but it’s never been so true
Nothing I do will ever suffice
But I swear this won’t change for the rest of my life
I’ve not said it before, for I’ve been too embarrassed
My tongue can no longer stand my heart’s harassment
My darling, my love, you must think I’m a fool
Still I mean it when I say, truly,
I love you.

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