Been living living in deception

December 10, 2007
By Maryam Arshad, Orlando, FL

Been living living in deception.
I thought we had an understanding
an agreement
that was different from all the rest.
We had an unspoken vow to each other
that we'd always be true to each other
where has that gone?
and to verify it further
i brought it up.
You said your not like that
not one to mention everything to everybody.
Its enough,
all the times i was angry at you
i continued loving you.
Bruised and scarred inside and out
beating myself up for things that werent even half my fault.
I dont know
which way,do i take from here?
should i let go,
or keep holding on?
I dont know how id go on,
knowing that your gone
no longer with me in my heart
Id tear all heaven apart looking for you.
will this moron tell us who we are,
where we stand,
and when we fall,where we're supposed to land?
I dont know
how i made myself believe,
that you'd be here with me forever
and when the time came,you'd refuse to leave.
no one has ever loved me that much.
to look down,
and watch me looking up
with big brown eyes,
would you turn around
to look over me and make sure theres no harm coming my way?
Or gicwe me your disguise,
when we decide to run away?
you wouldnt
we're not strong enough
we're letting others control our lives
Id stand up,
but i love you too much
If they are who you choose to follow
then let it be.
you'll move away
and theres nothing i can say.
but i do hope that you'll remember me.

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