The Wolf

January 13, 2011
By knightoffire24 BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
knightoffire24 BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
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What?....... sorry I was off in mah own world.

The girl walked cautiously down the path
because she had been warned that it was scary.
Her flashlight let up the usually dark forest
The light dancing like a white fairy

But the light did nothing to calm her down
She had lost her way while walking home.
All she had was her light and a snack
To help her find the path she no longer knows

From the shadows two golden orbs watched her
As she stumbled over some roots.
They had seen her enter into its domain
And followed the sound of her stomping boots

The girl suddenly felt something behind her
She turned around and saw those two eyes.
Her light illuminated the trees and revealed a wolf
Its fur gray like the clouds in the sky.

The girl panicked and ran for her life
Knowing all the while she might not survive.
The wolf continued to follow her,
Still silent as the girl struggled to stay alive.

The girl soon fell with a loud thud,
Her light went out and she was left in the dark.
She glanced around, knowing the wolf was near,
And wished that its bite was worse than its bark.

It wasn’t long until she heard a rustling noise,
Her doom was soon upon her
The wolf broke through the bushes and eyed her,
As a fly is eyed by a spider.

The wolf crept closer to the girl,
And she began to cry in fear.
The wolf was puzzled by this reaction,
And wondered, ”Why these tears?”

She cried harder as the wolf got near
But instead of fangs she felt fur.
Her crying ceased and to her surprise
The wolf curled up and slept next to her.

Confused, but happy she leaned on the wolf
Accepting her new canine friend
The two slept the night away
Enjoying the sleep until night’s end

Morning came and the wolf woke the girl,
He had to lead her to her house.
They walked together through the green forest
Which was silent as a mouse.

The wolf and the girl came upon her home
And here they had to depart.
The girl gave the wolf a loving hug,
And lonely, howling he did start.

But the girl did not forget the wolf
Or the kindness he showed that day.
Every night she came back to him
Until with her, one day, he could stay.

The author's comments:
Yeah.... It's my first attempt at some poetry... I hate it. Not only don't I cringe when I look at it, but I want to erase it from my memory. Regardless, you may have other thoughts. Thanks for reading it anyway.

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