Spyders Mate

November 18, 2007
I guess you could call her a stranger,
She’s afraid to get too close,
Attitude, Buried deep in her skin,
Her pain, Heartache,
[She Fakes a Smile.]

They want to understand,
What goes on inside her head,
Hear her laugh, Monotonous,
Her skin could break,
[And She’s Beautiful.]

I want him to see that pain he caused,
The hurt inside her eyes,
The love she felt,
For him?

You forget your pain,
And live in the moment,
Never sharing what you truly feel,
Do you look for separation?
Or does it come to you?
[Are you ashamed?]

With no desire to be amicable,
Though I believe you have true friends,
Tossing and turning,
Throughout the day,
Yearning to remain alive,
[Because Her Heart Still Beats.]

Opinionated irony,
I see it in her eyes,
Life will turn out the way you hope,
When you find you’re only someone,
[True Love.]

Confusion spreads like a spider bite,
And strikes them through her words,
A shocking splendor of melancholy lyric,
[Shot Through Fangs.]
Amazes me,


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