As fast as speeding bullets

November 17, 2007
By LindsMarie BRONZE, Lamar, Pennsylvania
LindsMarie BRONZE, Lamar, Pennsylvania
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As fast as speeding bullets,
My heart races in my chest.
I want to be first noticed.
i want to be the best.
I want to thow a party,
To have a great big rage.
My goal in this lifetime,
Is to have my own history page.
I'm tired of being known as,
The girl that could do more.
If you're one who doesn't believe in me,
I'll prove myself for sure.
I am going to be noticed.
I'm going to do great things.
I am going to be the best.
Just watch what my accomplishment brings.
I'll start a revolution.
The first one of its kind.
So don't stand in my way.
There's no possibility of changing my mind.

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