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November 17, 2007
By Augustin Ibarra, San Antonio, TX

We've tried so hard to find a way
But we keep hiding out away from grace
So there's nothing more to say since I see it in your face
A thousand sights and misinterpretations
And the joke becomes even more slurred
So sleep all those nights away
Because there's nothing more to say since I can see it in your face
Alone and somehow out of place

We've laughed and laughed at all of the shadows
Locked all the doors and shut all the windows, fogged up from your final breath
So, close your mouth
I don't want to hear it
So, close your eyes
If you don't want to fear it
Look away and close the curtains like a shroud on your last sight
So much for it, we've wasted our last few nights

So faint from pressure, crushed by the stones of your whole life
Cut it all into diamonds and hearts, setting kings on kings
Letting go of all the things we learned along the way
Through the strife that we hold so dear and indulge on
Past fantasies of romantic kisses on the cheek
Feeling alone with solitude on my lips
Honesty's the only way to get through this pain and abrupt surges of heartache
So walk the path in the forests of your dreams
And break through the bushes just to appear closer than you really are
In my heart you're near me, but in real life it feels so far

So decay on this tear-stained paper
Wet from the pearly cascades that trickled down your cheek, in silver elegance
Silent hopes can't bring this dream to life
So bring your ear close and get ready to hear the wind from these chapped lips
There's something I need to say
And I can't seem to find a way because I'm always hiding from grace
I just can't face it, that strange look in your eyes that tells me you're unsatisfied
But I can't figure out what's inside
Something locked and too cold for words

Here's one last hope
Die a martyr in a star-crossed romance
But if tragedy is all I had, then it's no surprise that I never got really far
Indulging myself with all the drama and dysfunction
Forever recovering
Relapse a hundred times until I'm actually secure in this unfortunate situation
So fail and deteriorate no more, it's the last straw
Though time is always against me
I'm watching where I walk so I won't fall
Though I might collapse, I plan not to give up at all

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