She slept through the day

November 17, 2007
She slept through the days as if she were in a coma, little did they know she was drowing in a sea of depression and an ocean of starvation.
She was ashamed of who she was and what she had become.
She was to the point of sadness where not even a tear would shed.
Blood dripped from her wrist as the sharp blade glided along her sheer, pale skin.
What was happening to her? Why was no one there to cath her as she fell?
She continued falling and falling, spiraling down.
The further she slipped the quieter and more distant her screams for help became.
Her voice faded, her body disintegrated, and her broken heart crumbled to pieces.
She no longer asked why? or how? but when.
When would this all end? When would it be her time? The sun no longer shined on her.
She gave up, not because she wanted to but because no one would listen to her screams and pleas for help. She then rose to heaven, finding peace in her madness the only way she knew how.
It all went on for too long and she couldn't take it anymore.
Her mother wept in sorrow and her father filled with regret.
They asked why? and how?
But that didn't matter anymore because the once depressed and along girl was smiling again.
She had reached her happiness.
The angel found her peace.

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