November 17, 2007
It shattered to the floor,
Pieces flew in various directions,
Remnants were all that remained.
Few tried to put it back together,
Always stopping when a fragment drew blood.
Some would stare at the bits,
And speak of ways to repair it.
Others would bash the rest,
For not offering a panacea.
There were those who thought nothing of it,
And went on their way.
Even more were those who’d
Dole method upon method upon
The broken object.
More glue.
More tape.
None ever fathomed
A bit of this and a bit of that.
They all wondered of their prize.
None offered meant the shards were to be left there.
Left to prick others.
Never swept away.
Nothing at all.
Simply waiting,
That sense would befall
Those who called themselves faithful.
Simply wishing
Their greed would fade,
And the foundation
Would be constructed once more.

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