Perhaps Not

November 14, 2007
By Michelle Lin, Torrance, CA

There’s a young girl that stands on the corner, by the store
Her dress woven with the threads of silver stars and ocean blue
Her smiles of sunshine and daffodils are gifts from heaven
She’s not selfish, so she shares her gift with passersby
Always adding a cheery hello (her voice sounds like a bird’s song)
Her straw colored hair bounces happily in the air
(She jumps up and down as she said her greetings)
I wonder, how many people passed her by, with simply a hello or hi in passing
Perhaps a small smile from kinder citizens and maybe they even
Paused to talk for a little while
But I wonder, as they went on with their lives, do they give her a second glance at all?
Do they ponder or muse, who was that girl, and how had she gotten there?
Perhaps not
There was once a young girl that stood on the corner, there, by that closed down store
Her dress had been woven with silver stars and ocean blue
(No one had noticed when the stars began to die and the oceans began to fade)
Her smiles of Summer (diminished as Fall crept up behind her)
And daffodils (as beautiful as they were, flowers eventually wither away)were once gifts from the place above
Never had I seen a less selfish creature, for she always had something
Nice to say at the tip of her tongue to passing strangers
Her beautiful long hair had long ago lost their shine
And towards the end, rarely did anyone see that Spring in her step
(perhaps that died too, along with Summer)
There was once a young girl who stood on the corner
And did anyone remember her?
Perhaps not

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