Darkened Path

November 14, 2007
By Samuel Leal, Garden City, KS

The sun is setting, darkness comes
two paths are growing darker.
Our time is coming, to depart.
One path leads east, the other west
our time is coming, we must choose.
To the east torches glow, warmth, safety, love, food.
To take this path is an easy choice,
flat, easy, help along the way, you'll make it there with little effert.
To the west lies no light, no warmth, no safety.
Few will take this path, and even less will see the end.
Some have stopped to stare at this path,
not wanting to go but none have set upon this path this evening.
They know what they have to do,
the journey is rough, most of the pathgoes uphill, through deserts, over seas, and most of all through the dark.
The moon will not shine for them,
they will get little if any help,
they must be strong,
they must be smart,
they must fast,
and they must be brave.
without these they will die,
the path not improved.
Darkness swallows the sky.
One looks back,
the time has come,
their path is chosen.
One starts walking, the others move to follow, few turn back.
they help none,
None of them will make it they'll make improvements to the path,yes,
a bridge, a torch, a tock path, a light, the moon.
the path is dark.
Our time has come.

Samuel Leal

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