My hopes and dreams

November 14, 2007
By Christina Zirkle, Buckhannon, WV

My hopes and dreams
Starts in the sky
Falls down in white formations
Is this really what I want to do?
Or would I rather fly?
Should I go for high expectations?
To go with the rockets boom?

Should I be…
With the blue gates
And the fast time
But I must be with it
Full throttle, no slipping
No one will stand in my line this is my dream, my destiny, my fate!
A professional of skiing

Can I become…
The one who sees the Earth’s panorama!
Be one with your suit
Buckle up and hold on tight
3, 2, and 1; here we go
The Earth becomes a little ball of light
All is mute
Except for the engines thunderous outburst of drama
An astronaut on the run (way)

The time has come
And I must choose
Will it be the overwhelming lure of my skis that wrench me away?
Or should I follow the path of the sun?
Do I really want to be the one in my shoes?
Can my mind be made up another day?

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