Come Back to Me

November 14, 2007
By Brittnea H., Oglethorpe, GA

Hey! Listen! You can't go!
Stay here, with me!
You can't go! No, no, no!
I'll make you stay and never cross the sea.

I demand you stay!
Demand it, I tell you!
And yet my mind knows you must go away,
But the idea my heart shall not reconcile to!

Nay- nay! Don't leave!
I need you here!
Don't go or I shall grieve!
No! No! Please, my dear!

But I am too late,
You are gone.
And so I curse fate,
Until to each other we are drawn.

You've taken my heart with you,
So please take care of it.
For it is fragile, like I am too,
My teeth I am to grit.

Until you come back to me.

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