November 14, 2007
In the world in which we live
There are so many places to go
To the wonderous lights of Paris
To the crowded streets of Tokyo
To the city that never sleeps
Everywhere we go
Hidden secrets I keep
No one has to know
The places that can make you stand in awe
Cause you to stand still
To absorb every site, sound, smell, and feel
When the streetlamps slowly turn on
Into the late hours of the night
Never gone
Brightening your footsteps
As insomniacs walk hand in hand out of site
Maybe I'll enjoy the wonders of the ocean
Wave upon wave
Absorbing up the shore
To the food of New Orleans that I crave
The world I visit once more
Visions of the blue water as far as the eye can see
To the bayous of Louisiana
To climbing to the top
Of the Statue of Liberty
Leaving evidence of my visit with my footprints
In the sand
To the Lonestar State
Doing everything I possibly can
But when I really think
This world keeps me so alive
Their is no place on Earth worth a visit
If you are not by my side

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