Her Love For You

January 7, 2011
By Chrysie_flow. BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
Chrysie_flow. BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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She can't seem to rip your face out her locker. She can't seem to believe this actually happened. She can't seem to understand why you didn't care then , but somehow you care now. Why? Why did you do this to her?

Still she can't seem to rip your face out her locker. Hung above in all its glory. Two smiles immersed in love. Captured in time while one holds another. Laid her head upon his lap gazing deeply into his eyes. He touches her face so gently like a baby's and brushes the curl out her eye. Still in that moment of time he leans in. Kiss.

And, still she cant seem to rip your face out her locker. She stares so hard and studies every crease that lies within every increment of your oversized head. Every crease that you loved her with you hurt her with. She never figured that your head of yours never couldn’t hold any sympathy. Knowingly knowing that she's an emotional wreck and you still didn’t understand why she said what she meant. It is a shame how in this head of hers was so selfish to the fact. Her mind should've spread love to others, hah! just like you in fact.

She has learned to keep her love so sacred. It meant a lot to her and she wouldn’t just give it away. You should've been capable to understand her, just please comprehend her, examine her, remember her. That is all she ever wanted from you. For the thought of her to never escape from your mind. She has lost herself in the midst of you. That is why I wanted to tell you :

"She still can't seem to rip your face out her locker , but one day I will".

-Message from the Man who has her next.

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