November 14, 2007
What do I do when I’ve realized
Every decision I’ve made was wrong?
I put myself in a situation
When I had to choose between love, and lust
I screwed myself over and was left with nothing.
What do I do after I stab myself in the back?
Leave in the the knife,
Or pull it out and let it bleed?
Or do I pray it heals and move on?

Where do I turn when all hope is lost?
There are no more chances
No one to help me
Or to make it easier
What do I say when every memory,
That I had with him is forgotten?
I can’t think back,
To when I was happy with him
I’m drawing a blank.

Who do you love when there is none?
No one knows how I feel
I don’t get any sympathy
The love is inexistent.

What happens next?
When my emotions shut down
My body turns hallow
Do I try again?
Or run away?

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