Little Emmy and Me

January 5, 2011
By Loveookami13 BRONZE, Dumont, New Jersey
Loveookami13 BRONZE, Dumont, New Jersey
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They took my little sister
far away from me.
All alone, left to fend
all for herself,
she's too young
don't you see?

They split us up,
Little Emmy and me.
I wonder, as I work,
In this camp of punishment,
If she thinks of me.

How could they make her work?
They expect her to survive
This torture?
Why can't they see?
She's only six, she can't even sleep
Without her favorite teddy.

I hope she's okay...
I hope she'll leave with me...
We'll find Mommy and
Daddy and leave this place
Holding hands, Emmy and me.

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