Lies (in anglo-saxon accentual and alliterative verse)

January 5, 2011
The lies won’t leave

my languishing thoughts
They control and contort

my miserable character
Twisting and torturing my

distressed tongue.
Squashing and suppressing

my injured soul
I hear them in

my habitual night-hauntings
Shouting and shadowing
the things that I spoke
Reminding me of words

mentioned in days-light
I hear lies, a loved ones
fake lament
The walls whisper their
wisdom of words
Warning against
wrongs that are told
The darkness dazes my
once dazzling thoughts
And encroaches upon
space once empty
Threatening rewards I
worked to reap
I force in
fluorescent white light
Hoping to hold off
the heralds of eclipse
But the lies longingly lust
to linger
Staying someplace
I dare not side with
Attaching arms around
my armored heart
Hoping to break
my once solid hold
With every bit of
expiring strength
I tarry my tongue
with hope for tomorrow.

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